Make a positive career choice and join the caring profession.

At Anavo, we are passionate believers in promoting the caring profession as a positive career choice.
For anyone thinking of their next career move, consider social care. Whether you are starting out on your career journey or you would like to advance your career, working in social care will fill you with a sense of purpose and meaning, and give you endless prospects to grow as an individual and as a professional.

Michelle Hart, Manager of Berehill House and Wessex Lodge shares her professional journey into becoming a Care Home Manager.

“Leaving school and attending the local college for two years completing a health and social care course, I always knew I wanted to do a job that involved helping others. College gave me a good insight into the types of care there is.

I left college and became a Nanny, children were a big passion and I loved this role. After my two boys were born, I took a part time job for our local care home at the time, starting off as a housekeeper, kitchen hand, laundry person, day and night carer, Care Leader, and then finally the Head of Care.

Completing all of these roles has given me good standing with other colleagues in these roles and I have always been able to support and empathise with any challenges.

In 2015 I completed my Diploma Level 5 in Leadership and Management. I was also at this time given the opportunity to work for Hestia Care. Despite all the challenges of being the Registered Manager, I love it.

I work for a small family run business who have the wellbeing of its staff and residents at heart. I have been able to manage the home with a fair amount of independence making sure that the environment and care delivered is what my residents want.

I am passionate about enabling people to feel at home and continue their lives as they choose. One of the quotes that always sticks in my head and one I ask care staff is “ If it’s not good enough our parents, then why should it be good enough for others?”

I feel strongly that our homes should be good enough for all who live in them and I will do everything in my power to achieve this.
Where we make mistakes – and everyone does – we have been open and honest and learnt from them, and I know that every member of my team cares with every little part of their hearts. What more could you want?

Together with my team we support people with dementia, disability and frailty to achieve good outcomes through personalised care.”

Make a positive career choice and join the caring profession.

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