For lives fully lived

When your loved one stays with us, our dedicated team will keep them as active as they can manage. It’s part of our mission to help foster healthy habits and positive outlooks. We put on a range of activities, so there should always be something to suit your loved one’s interests and abilities. We also welcome the community into the home too, with regular visitors from local schools, churches, and community groups – as well as day trips out to the community in our minibus.

Our line-up is varied, and it’s something to dip in and out of. Here’s a taster:

  • AnavoArt classes
  • AnavoComedy
  • AnavoGardening club
  • AnavoBook club
  • AnavoDinner dances
  • AnavoMovement sessions
  • AnavoMovie nights

Food, glorious food

Another very important part of life in one of our homes: food! Our chefs create delicious, locally sourced, and nutritionally balanced meals designed to cater to our residents’ needs and tastes. From classic comforts to new and exciting dishes, there’s something for everyone on our menus. Dining generally takes place in our dining areas, with residents supported by carers and food served fresh by our chefs. While being waited on is always a treat, we appreciate some people like a more informal dining experience, so residents are more than welcome to eat their food in a lounge or their room. We cater throughout the day, too, not just at mealtimes, with snacking options and fresh fruits.

Our food is restaurant-standard and made by professionally-trained chefs. Menus change regularly and are based on feedback from our residents and their loved ones.


Discover how Anavo provides nutritious, delicious meals tailored to individual needs. Our chefs create varied menus with fresh ingredients. Download now to explore our culinary offerings!

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Learn about Anavo’s vibrant lifestyle, nurturing community, and relationships. Activities range from art classes to gardening. Download now to see how we bring joy to our residents’ lives!

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You’ll have questions – and we’re here for them.

Whatever is on your mind – could be queries on costs, care types or even what we have on the menu for our residents – drop us a line.

You can call us here 020 8605 1221 for a chat with our team. Or drop us an email to and we’ll get straight back to you.