Introducing.....Lorraine Lee, Anavo’s Group Director of Operation, Quality and Governance

Lorraine is an experienced Operations and Quality Director with over 30+ years’ experience working with health and social care providers. Her expertise is to identify and successfully address key improvement areas, and set quality monitoring and targets to achieve regulatory and CQC compliance, rewriting and monitoring company policies, procedures and protocols and overseeing the compliance for better quality frameworks across large portfolios of services.

Lorraine is a qualified nurse and holds an RMN MBA and BSc (Hons).

How did your career in care start?

I started my nursing carer in the NHS becoming a qualified nurse in the eighties. Progressing through the ranks, undertaking senior positions in nurse education, operational management and quality assurance. I have worked at director level since 2004, working in numerous health and social care services.

How do you support homes to ensure they deliver high quality care to residents?

I monitor and oversee the care provision being delivered to the residents within the care homes. This is reviewed through Quality and Governance frameworks, that ensure care delivery reflects best practice and regulatory requirements.  I undertake and organize internal and external quality visits to the homes and speak with residents about their views and experience in living at the homes.

What does a good quality framework in a care home look like?

A good clinical quality framework is a systematic approach, whereby quality is monitored and reviewed to ensure continuous improvement to our services, and protect high-quality care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care can thrive.

How do you know the homes are caring for residents well?

Through audit, quality visits, surveys and feedback from residents and their families, we are able to analyse and review the care being delivered in our homes.

What’s the best governance framework to ensure information is shared from the homes to the board, the board to the homes and lessons are learnt?

Information gathered through the clinical governance systems, are shared with the Board Members, Senior Management Teams, Home Managers, and Staff Teams at home level.  This information being is disseminated through a series of meeting, conference calls, face to face engagements and reports. This therefore ensures new initiatives, best practices and lessons learnt are circulated across the whole organisation.


Introducing.....Lorraine Lee, Anavo’s Group Director of Operation, Quality and Governance

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