Introducing....Ed Moore

We catch up with Ed Moore, a co-founder of Anavo Group.

Ed is a passionate advocate of having well-designed environments in care homes. He believes that design has the potential to improve mental and physical wellbeing for residents.

A chartered surveyor by background, Ed has over 10 years’ experience in the UK commercial property market. Ed held senior positions with Private Equity Investment Funds, Royal Bank of Scotland and Asset Management Companies.

How did you get involved in the care sector?

I have spent 10 years of my career in commercial property as a chartered surveyor which has given me a unique perspective on the current state of elderly care in the UK.

How is Anavo different to other care operators?

The physical environment of our new built homes, our approach to care and our culture and leadership make Anavo different.

At Anavo, we want to make each of our homes part of a local community and create places where people want to live, rather than simply somewhere people live through circumstance.

Between us, we have the benefit of having roots in both a family care business and larger care groups, which helps us maintain our connection with residents whilst also benefitting from the structures and governance that large care groups can deliver.

Our outcome-based model of care offers something new in the UK, and focuses on a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically, whilst also providing amenities within our homes that residents really enjoy rather than having them being prescribed.

What role will technology play in caring for residents?

We will use technology in our newly built homes to monitor and predict people’s health trends and needs. This can be in the form of biometric wearables that monitor oxygen saturation, respiration rate and sleep quality which can help predict early signs of illness and additional potential challenges such as heightened fall risk.

There is also a particular role for using technology to improve memory, mobility and mental sharpness for people with dementia. We are also acutely aware the importance of technology plays in keeping people connected to their families and friends.

The general trend towards understanding one’s health in more detail is not for everyone and choice is a key value for Anavo, but for those who do want to use technology it can significantly improve quality of life.

What role does the environment play in caring for people in your services?

We have carefully designed the homes so they will give people the space to form friendships with other residents and share their stories.

Adopting the household model of accommodation in our new homes, we have created hubs of 8-12 rooms around a communal core that links people with similar interests and suit our residents’ needs. We want to create functional spaces where people want to spend time in, perhaps in the form of an in-house pub, library or communal kitchen.

Outside spaces incorporate garden allotments, family playgrounds and sensory gardens which will support our residents but also provide a community hub to create intergenerational spaces which can be enjoyed by families and loved ones of people in our care.

How will the local community be involved?

Our new homes will be spaces which the local community would want to come and spend time in, aside from simply visiting loved ones.

They will benefit from public cafes, children’s playgrounds and private function rooms where people can come and visit their Mum / Dad / Grandma / Grandpa etc., spend quality time and bring their children if they want.

Introducing....Ed Moore

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