Calling all nurses - join us!

Hi, my name is Moira Roberts, and I am the Home Manager of Cochrane Care Home in Johnstone.

I have worked in care settings most of my life, but I have also been an administrator, managed shops, cleaned, worked in factory settings, as a home help – a great variety of life experiences that help me be the Home Manager I am today.

I achieved a degree in Mental Health Nursing from Paisley University and supported people with severe and enduring mental illness, acute psychiatry and old age psychiatry.

I experienced the care home setting as a night shift agency nurse at Newark Care Home, now operated by Anavo Group. I loved it and stayed for almost 13 years!

Many people think that working in care doesn’t offer many benefits. For me, working in care has offered excellent career progression pathways, as well as great benefits.

I was promoted several times throughout my career. Working in care home settings as a nurse enhances your career prospects. I’m not bound by terms and conditions of pensions and sick pay (nice though they are!), but I have climbed the ladder of my career, and further prospects are on the horizon.

Being a Manager means I can make a difference by improving the way the home operates. It is a post with a responsibility that I enjoy. The salary is great, and I work weekdays during office hours. It may have taken a whole lot longer to reach a position such as this in the NHS.

As a nurse with Anavo, you will enjoy excellent benefits and pay rates. We take pride in your career development journey, and you can be part of shaping the future of the way we operate.

If you are a nurse, and you are considering your next step, consider joining the caring profession. You will not regret it.

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Calling all nurses - join us!

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