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Anavo proudly provides high-quality Residential, Nursing, Dementia and Respite care, and we work with local authorities to ensure our care is accessible to all. We appreciate choosing care for a loved one is a big call with lots to consider, so we’re always on hand to help as best we can. If you’re not sure what care your loved ones need or are just generally wondering where to start, contact your
local home, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Nursing Care

We have a brilliant team of highly skilled and compassionate nurses who provide not just medical support but also a reassuring presence for our residents and their families. From tending to medical needs to assisting with personal care and fostering independence, they’re the backbone of our homes.

Each home has a nurse on duty 24 hours a day and is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure easy access, comfort and safety throughout. It’s the little things that make all the difference. And we leave no stone unturned in ensuring our residents feel safe, supported, and cherished every step of the way—no matter their specific nursing care needs.

Nursing Care
Palliative Care

Palliative Care

We care for older people who need some support during the later stage of their lives. Our homes provide holistic palliative care, which means we care for the ‘whole’ person.  This includes managing the physical aspects of any condition, such as pain and other symptoms, and providing emotional, social and spiritual support in a way that fulfils the resident and their family and friends’ needs and wishes.

All homes have a homely and comforting feel. Each resident has their own room which they can personalise and bring their furniture and belongings. We respect our residents’ personal choices. They can be involved as little or as much as they wish.

Residential Care

Our homes are like a big, warm hug for those who’ve reached a stage where living independently at home isn’t the smooth sailing it used to be. It’s not just about providing care; it’s about creating a vibrant, supportive community where every individual thrives. Our teams have got it covered, from helping with personal care to managing medication. But, it’s not all about the practical stuff! We’re all about keeping the good times rolling – think buzzing social hubs full of activity, companionship, and good food.

Our residential care is designed to support residents in living independently but with the peace of mind that care is there when they need it. It’s about finding that balance between support and autonomy, where they can live life on their terms, knowing we’re right there when they need us.

Residential Care
Short-Term <br>& Respite care

& Respite care

We get it—being a caregiver can sometimes feel like a nonstop rollercoaster ride, both emotionally and physically draining. But hey, it’s okay to hit pause and take a breather. That’s where our respite/short-term stay care comes in, offering you the chance to recharge while knowing your loved one is in the best hands possible, round the clock.

Picture this: your loved one spending a few weeks in our comfy homes, immersed in a world of care, compassion, and companionship. From the moment they walk through our doors, they’re welcomed with open arms, embraced by a dedicated, skilled team of carers and nurses ready to make their stay comfortable and memorable.

Our respite residents can take advantage of a packed lifestyle programme, personal pampering, and delicious food that’s always on the menu. It’s like a mini ‘care holiday’, where every moment is filled with warmth and joy—and 24/7 care is on hand. So go ahead, take that well-deserved break knowing we’ve got everything covered.

Dementia Care

We recognise the profound impact a diagnosis of dementia has on the individual and their families. It’s a journey marked by challenges, but one where compassionate support and expert care make all the difference. Within the peaceful surroundings of our specialist dementia communities, we provide a sanctuary tailored to the unique needs of our residents. The environments are meticulously designed to foster comfort, security, and dignity, and our dementia care specialists ensure that every resident receives not just care but genuine companionship and understanding.

Each day is thoughtfully curated to offer a balance of stimulation and tranquillity, catering to individual preferences and abilities. From engaging in meaningful activities to moments of quiet reflection, we tailor our approach to honour each resident’s journey. But perhaps most importantly, amidst the challenges posed by dementia, we remain dedicated to nurturing moments of joy, laughter, and connection.

Specialist <br>Dementia Care

You’ll have questions – and we’re here for them.

Whatever is on your mind – could be queries on costs, care types or even what we have on the menu for our residents – drop us a line.

You can call us here 020 8605 1221 for a chat with our team. Or drop us an email to and we’ll get straight back to you.