Finding care

Every step
of the way

Putting a loved one into care will be one of the biggest decisions you make in your life. Even after that decision is made, choosing the right home and finding people you can trust with such a personal responsibility can be incredibly complicated. At Anavo, our care goes both ways. We focus on the resident but also on family members and their needs. We have thought deeply about every step of the care home journey to create the best possible experience for everyone involved. This simple guide explains each stage of the process.

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Step one

Feel informed

We want you to feel comfortable about all things related to care. That way you’ll feel confident in making the best care decision to suit your needs.

So let’s double check the steps you’ve taken so far.  There are 3 key questions we like people to ask themselves: 


  1. Have I explored all options before looking for care?
  2. How do I find a care home near me?
  3. What should I look for in a care home?

If any of those questions spark a thought, head over the Age UK website and get some more detail.

It’s a good chance to remind yourself of what brought you here, to Anavo, in the first place.

Step Two Find out more

Step two

Setting your budget

One of the first considerations you’ll need to take is how will you be funding the care that your loved ones needs. Your local council or social worker will help you carry out a financial assessment to calculate what funding is available and if you will need to contribute to the costs. 

How much will depend on your personal situation. And this is where the financial means assessment comes in. This assesses care costs based on your level of need and takes into account things like your assets and financial situation.

It’s important you get this done early before getting further along in your care journey. 

There’s more information here from the Age UK website

Step Three Find out more

Step three

Come for
a visit

When it comes to actually looking at a care home, we’d love you to consider us. And we’d love to show you around one of our beautiful homes, to help you get a feel for how we do things and leave you with a real picture of how life is at an Anavo home.

We have 11 sites across England and Scotland, and you can find which Anavo residence you’re closest to here

To make sure you get the most from your visit, and you ask the questions you need answers to, we’d recommend a look through this checklist from Age UK.

Step Four Find out more

Step four

Making the
move and
getting settled

Everybody is unique, so we make sure we bring your loved one into our care in a way that suits them. Helping them meet residents, chatting over their likes, discussing requirements, and easing them gently into their new surroundings.

This is their home from home – a new beginning – and we want them to feel loved and cared for. And we want to make you feel comfortable as well. 

Moving day is a big jump: everything you’ve planned and discussed suddenly becomes real. We want you to know we’re there for you to lean on whenever you need us – not just on that first day, but every day we care for your loved one.